I will stand alone. I will not give in. Alone and with nothing.
In a mad world, only the mad are sane.
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Hi, I'm Trevor! :D
NYC. Forever searching how to become a Baskerville.
I love a lot of things. I belong in the 20th century.
I'm fascinated by nature, and have a thing for food and sweets.

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Studio Ghibli Trivia 3In 2013 scientists in Vietnam named a newly discovered species of velvet worm the Eoperipatus totoro, on account of its resemblance to the multi-legged Catbus from My Neighbour Totoro.

Read more about this cool critter, here.



Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this site isn’t filled with advertisements

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lmao they picked the wrong week to pull this shit because there are literally gonna be hundreds of pissed fans all in the same building this weekend while representatives from Nickelodeon are on stand-by

Hey, lets put Korra and its fans to a halt this week because we have to show other shitty cartoons that no one likes to watch! What a great idea…

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Shall we get going? Sure!