I will stand alone. I will not give in. Alone and with nothing.
In a mad world, only the mad are sane.
This blog is NSFW. Scroll at your own risk.

Hi, I'm Trevor! :D
NYC. Forever searching how to become a Baskerville.
I love a lot of things. I belong in the 20th century.
I'm fascinated by nature, and have a thing for food and sweets.

*yawwwnnnn* sleepy time


I want to grow up and live in a small apartment in new york and have a husky and be with you.

well the rent sucks everywhere so good luck.

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Reblog if you’re a nobody on Tumblr but you’re still very proud of your blog.


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Fifty Shades of Domestic Abuse

50 Shades of Damaging Stereotypes 

Fifty Shades of Wanna Guess How Many People Will Be Hospitalized Due To Flesh Wounds From Improper Knots After The Movie?

50 Shades of Glorified Abuse

50 Shades of Kidney Damage from Incompetent Crop Use

Fifty Shades of Pathological Violence Due To Past Trauma Isn’t Kink

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need for the fall, but no money D’x

i can watch this for hours

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